Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The Sun's Circle of Psyche

(This is something I wrote back when I was tripping on astrology. Tell me if you like it or not...)

     Aries was the sign that sun was traveling through, he felt free and energetic, first sign to celebrate Id and with a gusto and how, he was already a warrior he only needed a battle!

     Then he transfered through Taurus, he was still a warrior, but he felt attracted to the beauty around , and the beauty felt attracted to him!

     A month passed by, and his attraction to beauty turned to a childish lust! Why, because he was in Gemini! His materialistic lust was his only source of motive, and the god of extravagant connections, Venus, was a native!

     Then came the nesting sprit, as he went through Cancer, the warrior child was growing up, he sought the peaceful comfort of some warm embrace, indifferent to other's need for life and grandeur!

     With the dawn of Leo, he felt the ego... For the very first time, the lion like need to protect his territory consumed him, the warrior awoke again, but this time... Helpless in his own boundaries!

     He grew smarter, as much as the
prepubescent girl, in Virgo, he was skeptical and curious about every mode of failure!

     He felt the need for balance, as his ego made him restless. In Libra, the connection with Karma felt stronger than anything else!

     His ego attacked with a final sting, as Scorpio made him a jealous king, he could know people inside out just by looking at them, or so he could think!

     When the Jupiter made an appearance, his ego disappeared and the super ego took over, the warrior within was still sullen, but his stretched arrow never left, cause in Sagittarius, he sought the answers through the battle within!

     But the more introspective he became, the more he thought... And more and more he found the futility of all of it. In Capricorn, the Sun found the downside of knowing too much, cause now he felt hopeless about a future he hadn't even met!

     The sun calmed down however, when the bothersome knowledge got consumed by the deep belly of the Aquarius vase. He had the knowledge he needed but he was silent, cause nobody else needed it.

     But then, what's the point? He thought... The only fight within him was his confusion because of it all, cause when he was in Pisces, he had seen it all...

     So which is the right way? He thought... And he found the answer... The reckless impulsive zest of a childish Id towards life is the only way to live a happy life... He thought.

     And what do you know? .....
He was in Aries already!!!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Split Second Reality

     I wake up, the pounding in my chest celebrates life with a painful surprise, I was just sleeping my dear heart... You got scared for nothing.
     It's still that dizzy moment, am I in a big bus with windows? Or is it just a vehicle passing by outside my bedroom? I'm clueless, as much as I was when I was born, as much as I'll ever be. But I can't cry anymore, my tears... They betrayed my innocence a long time ago.
     Like a French serenade, my heart calms down, and then, the post orgasmic echo of high pitch silence tears through my eardrums. I desperately look around to cling to something, but I'm all alone... My heart's asleep, my body's pretending to be dead... But I'm awake, and just like the forgotten nightmare, this moment of clarity is going to leave me. I'm just savoring the pain, so that it lasts forever, the split second reality!...  In all it's glory...

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Maybe love is indeed never true,
Maybe dreams are indeed never pure,
Though it works for a deluded few,
The normals of us can never be sure!

Maybe this moment is all we have got, Maybe future is just an illusion,
But what if the present is not what we wanted,
To daydream is our only salvation!

The best of us often requiem,
For the usual money, power or fame,
Or the last chance that was,
The last chance maybe!

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Wayward, the way destiny takes us...
The way reality breaks us....
The way the past makes us!... The way we are!

Silent, the way hope whispers....
The moment when it hits us....
The freedom from could haves! And little bit of should haves!

Symphony, of chaotic mental notes...
Of the endorphins one affords...
In the depth of blurred lines; where everything's funny or scary!

Drying count of breaths...
Dying ambers of flames...
Wayward silent symphonies
So Ceremoniously embrace!

Wayward silent symphony...
Log of my lingering dreams...
The way symphonies silence my words...
A simple word form you

Written by: Pritam Sal & Vaibhav Puranik

Friday, 4 July 2014

The enemy or a friend!

An enemy with no regrets

Death conquers all; only

The illusion of free will and hope...

Makes the battle worthwhile!

it's a miracle...  Life, indeed it is!

But more wondrous is the miracle
Of death,

cause it's the real freedom,

It's the final favor god extends...

to His heartbroken children! 

Fictional strings of love and hatred,

Hold us all back, for they are what...

Distract us from the true purpose,

which is to kill ourselves, successful are those who kill themselves,

The most gracefully!

The life of the lost is a life lost,

But every defeat is a beckon for others,

A wounded, defeated soldier can save others from the same fate!

That's what life is, an effort to save others...

Even if it means losing yourself!


Stuck in the dark house of vicious Voices and scary shadows,

Fed up of shooting at them only to hear the mirror glass smash,
only when I
Put the gun to my head then they reveal...their true face...  My true nature!

They sympathize, they tell me its okay, they were just having fun.

But by then  it's too late... the bullet has escaped and entered... My brain!

Monday, 26 May 2014

What is life?

What is life?

A vacuum fluctuation,
A big bang of emotions,
It's a train journey into oblivion...
Or just waiting for the death-station.

It's a game of chance,
Not if you can dance the dance,
It's a frequently followed routine...
Only seldom one feels the romance!

Life is a trap for rogue souls,
the lie in the bondage of freedom,
And an eternity of regrets,
Once the free will gains momentum!

Life is mere moments,
Knots on the threads
That lungs weave through breaths,
To get tangled in mind's catacombs...

For some life is heaven,
An insane party of pleasure,
Peace, victory and a bliss serene,
Those are the merchants of hope!

And then it's a hell for a many few,
Forever a struggle for survival,
And a glimpse of the glory... Before
destiny awards it to a merchant of hope!... As a trophy!

And then there's the ultimate savior,
Predetermined decay of cellular microorganisms,
Foolproof exit plan for the defeated,
Celebration of success for the cherished!

And hey, it's optional too... The exit plan,
Once I'm gone, there'll be no more blame,
No more shame, and no questions like... Why me?
Just a sting, a final moment of pain
Seven minutes fantasy of how it could have been... Which'll last forever!

I'd call that a life,
I'd call that fair...
After all some people have dreams as their lives... And some have to find life only in their dreams!

Life and death, are one and the same!
As same as the chaos and peace,
Nothing really matters...
Cause it matters for nothing!